LenderConnect Mortgage is the exclusive residential agent for a mortgage fund with over $150M in assets under administration.  In addition, we have partnered with network of private lenders looking to place their money into mortgage investments. Our loan amounts range from $200,000 to $7M (or More) and, most importantly, we approve based upon sensible lending decisions - not specific income or credit requirements.

Email: info@lenderconnect.ca

Phone: 604.328.6409

Fax: 604.630.7271

Lender Connect Mortgage Ltd.

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Suite 105 - 1385 West 8th Avenue

Vancouver, BC V6H 3V3

LenderConnect Programs:

- Construction Mortgages

  1. -Equity Takeout Mortgages

  2. -Interalia Mortgages

- Asset Recapitilization Loans

- Business Loans

- Credit Repair Loans

- Bridge Financing Mortgages

- Home Improvement Loans

- Land Assembly Mortgages

- Commercial Mortgages

- Home Equity Mortgages

- Second Mortgages

- Third Mortgages

And many more...

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Anthony Rivard

Our  Partners:


Large Private Residential Mortgages 

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Solution Focused Lending

We understand that our success is predicated on you getting your deals done and partnering with you in a manner that produces satisfied customers. 

With that in mind, we approach each file with a problem solving mentality: isolate the problem then think of ways to safely lend around it.

Rates and Terms

Our rates range from 6%-10% depending on the complexity of the application.  Terms can range from very short to a maximum of 2 years.

Approval Process

  1. 1. Submit Mortgage Application (Application LCM 2 Page.pdf) by email or fax to 604 630 7271.

  2. 2. Submit Supplementary documentation - income, credit, property, proof of equity

  3. 3.Receive a response within 24 hours

Recent Fundings

To see some of our recent funding please click Here.

Lending Guidelines

To read about our lending guidelines click here: LCM Info Package Nov 12.pdf.

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